pipe dream  /ˈpīp ˌdrēm/ v.

An unattainable goal or fantastic plan.


Pipe Dream is a modular house constructed from repurposed concrete pipe.

This imaginative dwelling can fit into almost any narrow lot — or multiple units built on a single plot. Live in one and rent the others out. Perfect as a starter home or if you're looking to downsize.

Despite the modest size, it feels very spacious with plenty of natural light from porthole windows and floor-to-ceiling glass walls.

Additional features include solar skylights, custom built-in storage, a chef-inspired kitchen, and a private patio encompassed by a circular hydroponic garden.

Pipe Dream is modern, edgy, energy-efficient, and durable. It's also the coolest pad on the block!





Concrete is the most durable and sustainable construction material. It won't burn, rust, tear, buckle, or deflect. It's corrosion-free and immune to pests. There is no roof or gutters, so no roof leaks, repairs or replacement. The life span for concrete building products is triple those of other common building materials.


Each of the pipe's five sections weight 48,000 pounds, for a total empty house weight of 120 tons. The solid one foot thick walls and dome shape provide greater protection against the elements than a typical home and offer near-absolute protection against natural disasters such as tornadoes and hurricanes.


The thermal mass of the reinforced concrete keeps the conditioned air in and extreme temperatures out. The airtight structure filters out noises from the outside, and homeowners can expect a 50% or more reduction in energy costs than a conventional stick-built home.


Concrete is a natural eco-friendly construction material that minimizes environmental impact, is easily recycled, and promotes sustainable energy. The pre-constructed pipes are transported to the property and assembled, so there are minimal construction and material waste.


  • Built-in oven, microwave, dishwasher and smooth top range
  • Energy-efficient double glazed windows and doors
  • Mini-split HVAC system
  • Tankless water heater
  • Low flow plumbing fixtures and dual flush toilet
  • Cove lighting ceiling and LED lighting throughout
  • Vented solar tube skylights
  • Smart home switches and wall plugs
  • Keyless entry door locks
  • Privacy smart glass film


Bed 1
Bath 1
Square feet 400
Porch 14' x 6'
Patio 14' x 10'
Living 13' x 10'
Kitchen 10' x 5' 6"
Bedroom 10' x 10'
Bathroom 7' x 5' 6"
Closets 1' 6" deep
Floor storage 40' x 2' 8" (on center)
Ceiling height 8' 7"
Drop ceiling width 4' 6"
Drop ceiling depth 9" (on center)
Portholes 6 (13" dia.)
Ceiling fans 3
Solar skylights 2
Concrete pipe 5 (8' x 14' x 1')
Pipe interior 12' dia. (unfinished)
Exterior Dimension 66' x 14' (including porch, patio and stairs)